martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Together in eternity


What I carry inside you may not know

Something might implode one of this days

I feel it craving underneath my skin

I can feel it in my toungue bursting

In my bones in flames.

All i wanted was to be with you till the end of time

All i wanted was to feel your blood in my lips

And now nothing compares to that taste.

If i was your vampire i could fly to you

Be with you till morning comes

And sleep the sleepless hours of our tired souls.

We will see each other once more

And our eyes will show the timeless days and night of absent

In that thrill of seeing you you will come to me

And we will be soulmates, again.

Eyes that see but cannot touch

Hands with careless magic around us

Always around us

Hunting us like wolfs

Fallen leaves must take a part in this

Fallen memoirs.

"You, master and creator of such wonders, we might see each other soon"

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