martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

Tales from the sea


Viola walks barefoot on the elipse of the ocean
The sun sets on her face all turned orange and purple and red.
She has seen many of this in her life and past life
She has been in this horizon many times before.
All she wanted was peace, to “shush” the voices.

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008



As i turned my head to the crowd, what a waste of time you see
There was this ghost in front of me
My whole World disappeared
Crumbling floor and the diziness
I closed my eyes.

What a comedy divine, fearless comics you and I
Spread open up my fan, this heats is only for the lovers.

Awaking temptaition, unfolding beneath me
Devaoring boa, succumbing my eternal frozen heart

Our eyes burned of passion
We Only Spoke three words
I was your queen, your angel.

Your hand in my face holds tears from our past
The silent scream
The silent melodys

All of this World can end tonight if i pleased
The whole World will watch this frozen stone bleeding

I have no fear.

I am inmortal.

Sweet child of mine

We had many things 
All together we had so many wonderfull things 
Shinny things, spoken things, sexual things 
We use to have some many beautiful things on each other 
Everything but a friendship.
We have never being friends 
And i dont think we ever will.

Eyes looking through the glass Doors
Whats bad, whats wrong ,we made it allright 
Long walls all the time, big huge walls upon us
Shall we dance?
Shall we?
I died into you