martes, 26 de mayo de 2009



I wish I could be you, Waiting in the other side of the door, looking throught the glass. Forsaking my eyes.

Living in the elite world has never been easy. Pretending to care, preaparing for the worst, being ready.

I saw myself reflected in that plane window, it was a red eye flight to London. I was so ready to leave smears of you behind, I never knew what love was.

Then I thought: All around me was confusing, I knew that to be with you was a part of a cosmic unfortunate plan. I was so close to the door and then the bed looked nicer with me on top of it, specially with you.

That evening we didn`t talk at all, we just ate and stared to the walls. Hoping to make an efford to confess the way we felt at that moment.

With so many disturbances its so easy to fall

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