viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012


I felt the urge to understand myself beyond the path of knowledge, and I found in me a great and strong will to keep reaching for the truth. 

My skin and bones long the happy days of my life.
The days where nothing else matter and the supperficial was taking over. 

As i´ve been deeper in this rabbit hole, I know now this is not the end of me.

Self notes

Porque atras no queda nada, solo el olvido.

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Un Descubrimiento

en algun momento fui libre, de pensar y decir lo que siento.
en algun momento fui yo y abraze la libertad en el viento
en algun momento escape, para no salir corriendo
en algun momento soñe que me hundia muy lento.

En algun momento pense, que era presa del mundo
en algun momento actue, como si no me importara nada
en algun momento vivi, las cosas que no habia vivido
en algun momento me ire a los lugares que nunca he ido.

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

There’s no easy part in letting go.

There’s a little hole in the middle of your chest that needs to be filled by something greater. What gives you the thrill to get out of bed every morning, being “happy” for no reason and for all reasons or have a motive to keep on day by day.

When there is nothing else and the vessel (which is your heart) is empty and void maybe it’s time to move on.

There no easy goodbye.

After spending a lot of time and effort in something you loved, everything crumbles at the time when farewell comes, this desire of survival makes you reject these feelings that might hurt you but after all you keep deep inside the longing to preserve this feeling close to you until time passes and it eventually fades away.

The pains of being pure at heart

When one is pure and the objective is clear. The more you resist to let go, the more it will hurt. Overcome and drive emotions.